We have been in Finland for over 50 years!

Compentek Oy has a long history as an expert in expansion joints and heat resistant products. The business began in the early 1960s at Paraisten Kalkkivuori Yhtym√§ and continued under Partek, Tivetek and Safematic until in 1993 the Burgmann Group acquired the company’s fiber division business – KE-Burgmann Finland Oy was founded. In spring 2017, the management acquired the company’s shares and the name was changed to Compentek Oy.

Compentek Oy is the leading technical expert in expansion joints in Finland. The company acts also as an authorized dealer of EagleBurgmann. Our customers are consist of international equipment manufacturers as well as local energy production and process industries.

Our products range includes fabric expansion joints, metal expansion joints,  rubber expansion joints, PTFE bellows and various heat-resistant products. Heat-resistant products include sealing materials, fiberglass fabrics, silicate fabrics, aramid fabrics, insulation materials as well as protective items produced in our own factory such as curtains, mats, covers, protective textiles against heat, weld splashes or sparks.

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